The DPAC Competition and Community Performance Team
"Define the Dancer You've Become"


To give dancers a strong foundation through multiple classes, freedom to add what they love most to their dance education, comfortably express themselves though choreography and improvisation, and spread their beauty and love of dance to the community.


Ensemble combines a strong ballet foundation, multiple technique classes, development of a strong, flexible, technically-sound dance body in conditioning classes, and exploring how to create dances in choreography classes. Our classes involve terminology and dance history lessons throughout the season to enhance their dance education.

Requirements: Ballet, Jazz, Tap or Acro, LTP, and Contemporary/Lyrical, weekly with separate rehearsals. Choreography. Additional classes are encouraged.


Apprenticeship is for dancers who still need to improve their skills needed for full membership, and for dancers that want to dip their feet into Ensemble. Apprentices have class with Ensemble, learn the choreography, and understudy competition pieces. Some events permit Apprentices to perform alongside Ensemble dancers. 

Requirements: Ages 8+ in a Leveled Ballet, Tap, and Jazz, CTP and Choreography (no charge.)

Apprentices learn and take notes on important concepts in Choreography class, and learn about Ensemble values.


Dancers (ages 8-17) join through audition or invitation only. There is a one-time Ensemble fee each season to cover rehearsals, participation in various events, and additional needs. Competition fee(s) are separate. 


Affordable tuition, fundraising opportunities, team field trips, studio sleepovers, outdoor photo shoots, and extra performances year-round.


In exchange for all that is offered in this program, Ensemble requires a certain level of dedication and passion. Dancers are expected to be punctual, hard-working, open-minded and respectful. Ensemble is a year long commitment, with scheduled classes at least twice per week and rehearsals on the weekends (how often depends on the time of year).  Attendance is crucial, this program is the highest commitment level offered.

Seasonal Performances

Annual Nutcracker

Dancers debut for the season in the Fall, where the team performs for the first time together. This page lists our debuts from previous seasons.

The first week of December we host an annual Nutcracker at the Sacred Heart High School. 
We accept donations to improve and expand the show each season. In 2014, we began this tradition from a very humble start and comprised of our ballet students in Beginner through Advanced levels.

 Nursing Home Performance

Each winter, Ensemble visits Golden Living in Plymouth to perform for the residents and visit with them. It's an extra performance opportunity for the girls, and a great way to share our passion with the community. The girls look forward to seeing new and familiar faces each year.

I want to thank Amanda, Emily and their students for their beautiful performance at the nursing home. Everyone really enjoyed it! Thank you!"
- Kerrin, activities director, Golden Living Center


Each Spring, Ensemble performs at a regional competition. Ensemble is primarily a performance and outreach team because competition is once a season, and it's only one of our many different performance opportunities. Plus, it's a really fun day and being on stage is always exciting! The girls look forward to competition each year and we plan to attend at least one competition and now, one nationals or convention each season.

Spring Showcase

This performance includes every DPAC student and their dance accomplishments. It's only about 90 minutes with an intermission. The show is recorded and DVDs are available each season. The focus is on performance etiquette and gives students that amazing feeling of being on stage. Every year is an improvement from the last, and we look forward to many more!