We offer dance for ages 3 - adult. Classes for Preschool all the way through Senior year, which in a lifelong dancer's case is 15 seasons of dance before graduation day. There are 7 levels of dance at our studio, so students do not always move up annually, and that is how dance education progresses here. It is proven to be successful, and your child will learn a lot at an appropriate pace. Guaranteed! Please inquire with your child's age and experience, and we will collaborate together on the best fit for them.

We teach respect, hard work, perseverance, humility, teamwork, and the following...






Pre-Ballet                                                                                                        Ages 3-5, first and second year of dance

This 45 minute class introduces children to the dance environment and uses different styles of music, props, games, and a little imagination to teach basic dance skills. Children should be toilet trained and turning 3 by September to start dance class. It will develop balance, introduce turns, rolls, and basic locomotor movements (tip-toe, skip, hop, jump, leap) prepping them for the following year in dance. Students will be exposed to following directions, social opportunities and new friendships, improving spatial awareness, basic ballet and dance vocabulary, and performance etiquette, used for their first time in our studio Showcase! There are Pre-Ballet classes offered on weekends and weekdays to fit your schedule.

Kindercombo                                                                    Ages 4-6, or continuing from Pre-Ballet

This hour-long class is for children starting dance at 5 years old, or continuing from a year or two of Pre-Ballet. This class expands on Pre-Ballet skills, and adds basic tap concepts. With concepts similar to pre-ballet, more steps are introduced and practiced through short, fun combinations. Learning simple formations like lines and circles, and exploring basic ballet and tap techniques and concepts. This class has a ballet and tap dance in the Showcase. This class is offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

Beginner Ballet, Tap, and Jazz                                  Ages 5-8, or continuing from Kindercombo

This 90-minute class is a continuation and expansion of Kindercombo, and a beginner level class for children joining dance who are turning 7 or 8 during the school year. This class is about 30 minutes of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz technique every week. It introduces more independence with shoe changing, asking questions, remembering longer phrases of choreography, and proper dance etiquette (punctuality, dress code, upstaging, and other manners in dance.) All 3 styles for the show is too overwhelming for this age group, so this class has 2 dances in the Showcase each year, a Ballet, and a Jazz or Tap.

Elementary Ballet, Tap, and Jazz                           Ages 7-11, or continuing from Beginner

This level is the first to separate ballet class from other disciplines. 1 hour of tap and jazz followed by 45 minutes of ballet, continues the curriculum from Beginner level, expanding into leaps, turns, and eventually transitions students into our Intermediate and 10+ leveled classes. Students continue their Ballet technique, and have the opportunity to prepare for a more rigorous Ballet training, and develop their knowledge for Tap and Jazz technique, with the opportunity to join Ensemble, on an individual-basis. Each genre will have a dance in our Spring Showcase in June, and this class also participates in our annual Nutcracker the first Friday of each December. This level is offered more than one role.

Classical Ballet

Ballet is required for all dancers, except children exclusively taking Hip-Hop. Dancers with proper ballet training are more successful in other dance styles, and develop a strong, technically-sound, dancer body. Classical ballet is an important part of our competitive and recreational curriculum, as it is the foundation of the other styles of dance offered. Intermediate and Advanced Ballet is moderately involved in our annual Nutcracker each December, with students being offered between one and four roles in the performance.

Intermediate- ages 9-14, for dedicated young students, those that may wish to continue to pointe work, or high school students that wish to remain recreational, and study ballet once per week.

Intermediate/Advanced- ages 11+, for dancers that have multiple years of ballet training, take class at least twice per week, and for most, are proficient in pointe work.

Ballet Foundations- ages 10+, open to older dancers that have little to no ballet experience, for those that need to meet the ballet requirement, but do not wish to perform, or can be an additional ballet class on top of a leveled one, and is an option for a makeup class.

Intensive - Ages 11+, 1 year of Ballet with DDW required, invitation only. See below for details.

Adult Ballet - Offered Wednesday evenings, main emphasis on fun, exercise, and slight emphasis on terms and proper technique.

Ballet Intensive

Ballet Intensive is made up of multiple weekly classes in Ballet and Pointe. Students must be enrolled in Intermediate or Advanced ballet, Pointe, and the Ballet Intensive classes listed on the schedule. This program is offered in two levels for the school year. Additionally, students may wish to take more classes in other levels, and/or have regularly scheduled private lessons to make their experience truly their own. This program is intended for students who want to take their ballet studies to the next level, and see what a pre-professional commitment is like. Intensive students will study multiple facets of Ballet; repertoire, variation, and exposure to partnering with more performance opportunities including our annual Nutcracker and competition. Future plans for the program include- community outreach, world class company summer intensive participation, and the formation of a student-based company within the school. 

The schedule allows for students to dance with both Ballet Intensive and Ensemble. Intensive is open to dancers in the Intermediate/Advanced levels, and are en pointe, or have been in Pre-Pointe since January before the start of the season. Level 1 includes dancer's scheduled level ballet class (Monday or Tuesday evening) and Wednesday evening. Level 2 is the same as Level 1, but also includes Saturdays.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe                                   Prerequisite: Ensemble or 1 year of ballet with DDW,                                                                                                                             12+, invitation only

Pre-pointe is the transitional period where a student prepares their body for the challenge of dancing en pointe. Intermediate Ballet gives the instructor the opportunity to assess each student's abilities each winter to evaluate each dancer on their readiness for this continuation of dance training en pointe. Pointe is offered to older children through adults, with permission from the teacher. No dancer is allowed en pointe until the age of 12, or, bone structure, development, and technique are satisfactory for training.

Pointe work is an extension of classical ballet. An average of at least two years of continuous classical training is needed to reach the required level. A willingness to be patient with the process are extremely important, as placement in pointe class is on an individual basis.

Once Miss Amanda believes a student is ready for pointe shoes, their pointe journey begins, and their experience is made to be a special one. This happens privately among the student, parent, and teacher. She accompanies each student to the store to be involved in the purchase of their first pair of shoes. Finding the right pair is a delicate and sometimes grueling process, but one that children can succeed in if they work hard and demonstrate the qualities of readiness for the journey.


Our leveled jazz classes for Beginner level and up explore fun and energy-filled combinations involving the basics of jazz technique to pop, jazz, and other styles of music. In Ensemble, jazz classes expose dancers to new ways to feel music and movement, improvise, and dancers use their foundation of ballet to include kicks and turns into varied stylistic routines with influence from Broadway, contemporary, and street jazz. Jazz is a required class for Ensemble, along with Ballet and CTP, to help each dancer become more well-rounded and performance-ready.


Tap starts with the isolation of different parts of your feet to create clean sounds and combine sounds to create rhythms. Fundamental steps of tap are taught as students get older and develop their basic technique. More advanced tap classes will focus on speeding up basic tap steps and learning more advanced tap technique and terminology. Some improvisation and exploration of rhythms are incorporated. Tap is offered for ages 5 and up, for recreational and Ensemble dancers. Adults interested should e-mail us!

Tap and Jazz Class Levels

Elementary- ages 7-11, prior experience, or continuing from 2 years of Beginner

Tap and Jazz Foundations - ages 10+, limited experience

Intermediate- ages 10+ with prior experience


Our lyrical classes teach the fusion between ballet and jazz; movement comprised of slow and fluid movement,  emotion, technique and artistry. Classes emphasize use of the whole body, learning how to contract, round, and flatten the back, use pointed and flexed feet, have a strong, graceful port de bras, add expression to movement, and using the lyrics in the choreography to tell a story. Choreography can include various turns, leaps, and floor work. Contemporary dance is post-modern, which can vary from the from the fluidity of lyrical movement, to sharp abstract.

Lyrical/Contemporary Levels

Level 1- ages 10+

Level 2- ages 13+ or prior experience

Adult - Offered in workshops throughout the season


Level 1- ages 5+

Dancers in Hip-Hop 1 learn basic hip-hop-based dance steps and technique to fun music. Class will focus on levels and freezes, stage directions, and adding personality and attitude to movement. This class will have a hip-hop dance in our annual Showcase to demonstrate skills learned throughout the year. Hip-Hop 1 offered on Wednesdays is for ages 5 - 9, and Friday's class is mainly ages 9 and up.

Level 2- ages 13+

Dancers in Hip-Hop 2 learn how to make movement more grounded, strong, and entertaining, and explore different pieces of choreography throughout the year. A brief history of where Hip-Hop began in the United States, and how it has evolved is part of class. Dancers work on strength and using different elements in their movement including melting and freezing, isolations, rolls, levels, and high energy in each step.


The name "CTP" stands for Conditioning, Technique/Tricks, and Progressions/Partnering, so it incorporates a little of everything! CTP classes are 30 minutes per week, with two levels offered. This class is a requirement for Ensemble dancers, but is open to recreational students as well. Class focuses will routinely rotate through core work, flexibility, strength, balance, turns and leaps. It also incorporates creative movement and improvisation. It is recommended for those who may be interested in joining the team, and for those who are looking to strengthen their skills.

NEW THIS FALL 2017! AcroDance 1

Acrobatics is the technique of incorporating gymnastics-based skills into the dance environment. This 45-minute class will cover skills from the first half of the Acrobatic Arts professional curriculum, including backbends, bridges, assisted handstands, and much more. It covers the use of flexibility, strength, balance, limbering, and tumbling to master many new skills exclusively offered in this class. Every skill taught can be executed both on and off of a mat. Though this class will not have a performance in the Showcase, students who participate in the class may get opportunities to use skills learned across different styles and classes, and in their team choreography.

A minimum of Beginner Ballet and Jazz, and one year of dance, is required for this class, to ensure that dancers have the proper strength, knowledge and technique to be safe and successful in this class. We will offer AcroDance 2 in the future, breaking the class into more specific levels based on ability.




Modern dance is about freedom of expression through dance, exploration of each part of the body, and discovering new movement. Most classes start with a floor barre and core warm-up. The class will challenge dancers with the use of different time signatures, beats, words, and even silence. The use of turn-out and pointed feet will be changed to parallel and flexed. Grounded movement, rolls to the floor, leaps and turns, improvisation, and basic partnering/lifting are sometimes incorporated.

Stage Make-Up and Hair

Amanda Singer of Dance Dreamworks is a licensed cosmetologist. Each season, we offer workshops that teach proper application of make-up and hair for performances. These instructions will give both dancers and theater students a better understanding of stage lighting affects stage make-up, which colors work for each individuals skin tones, how various hair types can benefit from different products, and other crucial aspects of preparation for performances.

Theater Arts

Break a Leg Theater Works is joining us to offer theater arts at our facility. If you're looking to improve your theater arts skills or rehearse for a special audition, this program is for you! Students will explore   and be coached through monologues, scene work, and   musical  numbers, as well as learn the   basic ins-and-outs of the theater business. Classes are co-taught by a  Broadway actor and will feature other professional guest teachers! Find out more info and register here.

Music Video

We occasionally have open workshops for fun things not offered on our schedule, including Music Video. Kelly was a guest performer with us for an in-house video recently and we will be hosting future classes and workshops, so stay tuned if this interests you!