Things to Remember:

- Hair must be in a bun for ballet classes, and securely pulled up and away from the face for all other classes
- Students in Ensemble may be asked to purchase additional dance attire to be used in place of a costume fee in a performance or event.
- Students 9+ should purchase a skin-tone undergarment/leotard/bra for class and performances
- No sweatshirts, heavy sweaters, designs, brand names, logos, tutus, or loose jewelry.
- DDW, competition, or generic dance merchandise are acceptable, as long as it follows color code. (Ex: A fitted gray top with "I love dance" written in white.)

- Underwear and bright colored bra straps should not be visible.

All attire for classes other than ballet must be form-fitting but provide coverage.
- Colors must be black, gray, ballet pink, or white.

Scroll down for photos and details on requirements for each class.

Dress code is an essential part of a productive, positive, and safe learning environment. It is in place to maintain fairness, comfort, and uniformity. Please verify your child's requirements and registration before purchasing dance wear. Students have 3 weeks after starting the season to have the appropriate attire. If a student arrives without the appropriate attire or footwear a few times, they may be asked to observe class. More information on dress codes can be found here.

Dance attire must be purchased at a dance retail store. "Dance" clothes sold in other stores are made to look like the real thing, but the ballet slippers are often slippery, they don't form to the foot, the tap shoes fall apart, and the leotards are not good quality and usually have attached skirts and sequins which do not follow most dance dress codes. Please note the following:

Acceptable:                                            Not acceptable:
Plymouth Dancewear                                   Payless
Dancer's Dream (info below)
The Dancer's Place in Hyannis                      Walmart

    We recommend        Dancer's Dream!

Tell her your child is dancing at Dance Dreamworks, and not only will she know what you need, but you get 10% off! We suggest calling in advance to be sure they are open.             Address: 15 South Ave. in Whitman                          Check their Facebook page for updates!          Phone:(781) 447-0771


Ballet pink tank/cap-sleeve leotard, separate skirt (optional)

Footed ballet pink tights and pink leather ballet slippers


Black leotard, separate matching skirt (optional)

Footed ballet pink tights and pink leather ballet slippers

White tap shoes (buckle or Velcro)

Beginner Ballet, Tap, and Jazz         Light blue leotard, separate matching skirt (optional)

           Footed ballet pink tights and            pink leather ballet slippers

Elementary Ballet, Tap and Jazz
Lavender leotard, separate matching skirt 

Ballet pink footed tights and footed tan tights for Showcase

Pink leather ballet slippers

Tan buckle full-sole tap shoes and tan slip-on jazz shoes



Loose fitted bottoms, and black sneakers or boots.
Suggested brands: Vans, Converse, Nike, Pastry

 Foot paws or half soles

                                          Ballet Foundations                                          Black leotard, pink tights, pink canvas ballet slippers.

Tap for Ages 10+

Black shorts, leggings, or cropped pants
Tan tights and tan slip-on full-sole tap shoes

Jazz for Ages 10+

Black shorts, leggings, or cropped pants
Tan tights and tan slip-on jazz shoes

Acro Dance
Leveled leotard and stirrup, transitional, or footless tights, bare feet.

Intermediate Ballet
Hunter green leotard, separate matching skirt 

pink tights and canvas pink ballet slippers, crossed elastics

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

Red leotard, separate matching skirt

pink tights and canvas pink ballet slippers, crossed elastics

Ballet Intensive

Navy blue leotard, navy blue ballet skirt

pink tights and canvas pink ballet slippers. crossed elastics

Boys Attire

Black or gray exercise shorts and solid dance colors t-shirt or tank
black dance shoes for each style,  sweatpants are acceptable for hiphop

Adult Attire

Exercise clothing, leggings, leotards, fitted top.                                      Please adhere to color code or modest colors.
Appropriate dance shoes (any color) or socks/bare feet.

                                         Dance Bag Essentials               Dance shoes                                                                                                Water bottle                                                                                                Bobby pins and hair elastics                                                                          Warm-up clothing                                                                                  Optional recommendations for students 10+:                           

Notebook, Tennis ball, Thera-band, yoga mat, turn board