Dance Dreamworks is excited to introduce AcroDance to our offerings! AcroDance is the name of the class offered, which follows the Acrobatic Arts curriculum. Acrobatic Arts is an internationally acclaimed program based on years of research that helps students safely and successfully attain countless new acrobatic skills.

Acrobatics and Tumbling are different in a few ways. The main difference is the environment and equipment that the performers use. Tumbling involves sprung floors, and dance is inserted between tumbling skills. Acrobatics is done with and without the use of mats and other equipment, and has dance elements incorporated within the technique. Another difference is simply that some of the skills learned in tumbling may not be seen in Acro, and vise versa. Also, the style of arm placement varies.

Acrobatic Arts is a program suited for dancers in a dance studio setting. Each class incorporates flexibility, strength, balance, limbering, tumbling skills, divided into multiple levels of difficulty. Dancers will learn new skills throughout the season, and eventually reach the next level where they can gracefully execute more advanced skills like aerials and round-offs.

Thursdays from 5:45 - 6:30 PM - Sign up!

Cost   $40/month

- 1 year of previous dance experience
- Participation in Kindercombo or higher in the same season
- Open to all ages who fulfill these 2 requirements!

Dress Code
- Leveled leotard, footless, stirrup, or transition tights, no shoes needed. Hair must be secured in a bun!

- This class will not have a dance in our annual Showcase this season, as students will just be starting to learn skills that will be used for choreography at a later time. However, certain skills and technique in AcroDance may be crossed over into other dances for the Showcase.

- This season, we will be offering only one class, with every dancer starting from the beginning. As we enter future seasons, more levels will be added to accommodate growth in the dancers.