Spring Showcase 2018 - "4 the Love of Dance"

Pre-Show Information


Costumes will be worn for photo week, and taken home until June. Costumes need to be worn for both the Dress Rehearsal and Showcase. To help costumes look show-ready, they can be hung up in the bathroom during a shower – the steam helps with wrinkles.

Anyone who takes a class where a rental fee was applied (Intermediate Ballet, Intermediate Advanced Ballet, Intensive, Pointe, Pre-Pointe) should leave their costume or accessories backstage following the end of the Showcase to be returned. All other dancers may keep their costume and accessories following the show.

TICKETS AND DANCER PASSES – June 1st – June 14th

Tickets will be on sale beginning June 1st for $16.00 each. Everyone taking a seat needs a ticket. They will NOT be available at the Dress Rehearsal. Tickets will be on sale the day of the Showcase for $20.00 each. All seats are general admission and there is no limit on number of tickets.

Dancer passes will be available for Pre-Ballet families ONLY. They are $8.00 and allow Pre-Ballet dancers to sit with family for the first half of the performance. Dancers that utilized a Dancer Pass are to meet in the lobby as a group during intermission, where they will be picked up and brought backstage for the second half of the show for their dance and the finale. There is a place on the ticket order form to order a Dancer Pass.

KinderCombo ONLY- One female family member may go backstage during intermission to help with costume changes.

DVDs will be for sale as well.. They are $30.00 and will feature a menu with chapters to view your child’s dances or the show in its entirety. DVDs can be purchased the day of the show for $35.00.


We are only a staff of four, and we are always in need of volunteers for the Showcase so it is a positive and safe experience for all dancers. Duties can range from handing out programs to helping backstage. There is a sign-up sheet on the waiting room bulletin board until June 10th so we can plan accordingly prior to the Showcase. Pre-Ballet and Kindercombo families may sign up to volunteer for half the show so you don’t miss your child’s performance, but be aware that you may or may not be with your child’s class. Those that volunteer for the entirety of the show backstage, will be permitted to sit in during Dress Rehearsal the evening before. Volunteers that sign-up for half of the show backstage will get half-off one ticket. This year we will need at least 8 volunteers for the gym (main area for dressing/waiting for younger dancers) alone. Any female family or friends, 16+ may volunteer backstage. Older dancers and male students will be given a separate changing area, some of which will require volunteers.

Day of Show Information


Dancers are expected to arrive at the venue by 3:00, 2:45 for Ensemble/Intensive dancers. Dancers should arrive in costume, covered with their finale shirt, with make-up and hair as finalized as possible. Don’t forget to pack their shoes!

All dancers are brought backstage to get settled and wait for directions from staff. The venue will be open, but auditorium doors will open at 3:45. Dancers will remain backstage for the duration of the show, including intermission so we don’t have any dancers late or missing for the second half. If there happens to be a situation requiring a parent, we will find you.


There will be food and water available for purchase in the lobby. There is absolutely no food or water allowed in the auditorium. Please pack some clean/healthy snacks and water for your dancer to have backstage.

There is NO videography or photography during the performance. It is disrespectful to those sitting behind people’s phones and cameras, and unsafe and distracting to the dancers. However, we encourage people to share photos after the show of their dancer getting ready and the moments before and after the show!

Following the dances, there is a Finale with all students and staff. It includes some dancing, thank-you’s, and more, traditional to our Showcase. When the Finale ends, that concludes our whole season! Dancers sit on stage, and are dismissed by class with the youngest dancers first. ONE familiar parent/guardian should approach the stage to dismiss their child. All other attendees should exit to the lobby, and wait for dancers to meet them.

Pre-Ballet to Beginner parents - allowed backstage with one parent once dismissed to help their child clean up their belongings and trash.

Dancers 10+ must return to the dressing rooms to pack up and clean before being dismissed.

Ensemble and Intensive are asked to stay and help clean the venue before they are dismissed. Just a reminder to return any rental costumes and accessories by leaving them hung up or placed neatly in the dressing rooms.